December 07, 2013

DIY: How to make a vinyl bowl out of a LP!

I am sure each and everyone of you has some old LPs at home. Do you still need them? I bet at least one of them is just lying in a corner, unused for years already.
Now the idea: Just make a bowl out of it!
The process? Easy but effective!
I've prepared a photo tutorial for you, I hope I can give you some inspiration :)

 Get a LP of your choice!
 Preheat the oven to ~130°C and put the LP over a heatproof bowl (pay attention that it is centered up)
 After a few seconds the edges start moving down - get it from the oven and press it in the shape you favour (if it isn't perfect yet)
Personalize it with a special text/message/circle. This one was for my boyfriend :)
 Use it! 

November 22, 2013

Berlin #1: Short trip with Inna

Once again this year I went to our capital: Berlin! Why? Because of the Germany ticket! Inna had one too and we went on a short trip to visit her brother and to stay at his commune. even though it was just for 2 days and one night it was such a cool thing!

 Having coffee
Brandenburger Tor
 Potsdamer Platz

November 10, 2013

Ruhrpott #3: Zeche Zollverein!

The "Zeche Zollverein" is an industrial memorial in Essen with a large museum and many facts to be found out. We went there because I had never seen a Zeche before (expect of the one we had our coffee). Quite big, quite rusted, quite old. But kind of charming, don't know why!

November 02, 2013

Ruhrpott #2: Essen Miamamia!

Glory brought me to a really really really extremely supercute coffeshop in Essen called Miamamia.
They are selling an awesome hot chocolate there, just melted chocolate in a glass filled up with whipped milk! If you ever go to Essen you should go there!

 Glo happy with her drink
 ain't that fantastic? I think I have to do it myself :)

October 30, 2013

Ruhrpott #1: Meeting Irina and Glory!

My next stop of my Germany tour was the "Ruhrpott" a former industrial area of Germany. The reason: Visiting my 2 cutest Hong Kong girls Glo and Irina!
I took the train to Gladbeck to meet Glory first and we visited Irina in Dorsten the next day. Oh how I missed those girls!

On our reunion day we had coffee in a former Zeche, a quite new cultural area in Dorsten.

 Blondie and Brownie! <3